Ethics and Integrity - Guarulhos Sucatas


Code of Ethics

Learn about our Code, which guides conduct based on our company’s ethics and values. It establishes rules for how we should relate internally and externally (with employees, suppliers, customers, and service providers). This is a very important document that guides our actions, coexistence, and communication to maintain a healthy, safe, respectful, harmonious, and fair environment for all involved in our work.


Learn about our Integrity and Anti-Corrupt Program that aims to ensure an ethical and anti-corrupt posture of all our team, who should act within the limits of legality, efficiency, and administrative morality. The Program also reinforces the need for positive individual and collective attitudes to act with integrity, responsibility, and professionalism.

Learn about our Integrity and Anti-corrupt Program (PT)

ETHICS CHANNEL: Our whistleblowing channel

This channel was created to hear complaints about any actions of our employees or third parties related to our company that are not in line with our Code of Ethics. The complaints registered here are forwarded to the responsible department to investigate facts and resolve the issue. Complaints can be anonymous, but if you want to know how the complaint is being processed, please leave contact information so we can respond.