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Who we are

RECYCLERS! We are a family-run company, a reference in the steel and other materials recycling sector, operating in national and international markets.

Our purpose is to make the world
more sustainable through Recycling.

To prosper, promote general well-being, and be a reference, inspiring other companies and people to do their part too.

We are a company with more than 40 years of history

Homepage - Guarulhos Sucatas

What we do

We provide a renewable source of high-quality materials for producing goods and infrastructure that are essential for all of us.
We are actively working to transform the Linear Economy into the Circular Economy.

We make the supply chain more sustainable by transforming recyclable waste into recycled inputs and reinserting steel into its production cycle. Thus, we protect natural resources, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce waste.

We are part of the change we want in the world; will you join us?
We are all connected in this Cycle; the responsibility for Recycling is ours.

Waste Recycling and Recovery

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Why you should be our partner

We are a solid and innovative company with the best practices to attend to the needs of the environment and the people involved.

We work ethically and have an agile and responsible operation. Understanding our important role for the Planet, society, and future generations, we are committed to Sustainability.

Learn about our sustainable work and understand how we work with ESG practices:


Environmental Practices

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Social Practices

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Governance Practices

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